“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rate This Rating Systems

I just spent some time flipping through random albums on iTunes. Randomly, I get in a mood where I want to find the underdog in the music industry and support them. The search began- previewing began- and then I ventured into the Customer Ratings section. I've decided- I don't like that section. It doesn't give you a chance to form your own opinion.  You already have preconceived ideas/ thoughts about that artist before you have even listened to 2 songs.

Sometimes, life is the same way. We are so eager to get everyone's opinions on what is going on in our lives that we never step back and form our own. We judge a book by it's cover. We won't take the time to peel back the layers and invest in getting to know someone, an organization, a product, or a group of people. What would happen if the 5 star rating system never came about? Sure, we'd have a few bad experiences. But what if, we found something so special and quaint that would have otherwise been overlooked because someone that came from a different path of life, different belief systems, different personality said they didn't like it.

I mean, I'm just saying. It's so hard for me to like things sometimes because I know other people don't. Reality! That is dumb. It's dumb that I let other people's opinions affect what music I like. This goes much farther than music. What about the guy at the lunch table that sits by himself? I know in high school I ignored him because I didn't want to "look" stupid. I don't even talk to the people that I might have "looked" stupid to. Now I not only look stupid but am stupid for not investing in his life.

The point is- stop rating people, organizations, products and invest in them. Invest the time to get to know them, allow grace for them to fail, and support them. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. You never know where these people will end up. There is something so beautiful and unique inside every individual.... sometimes it takes someone else taking the time to unveil it.