“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pampering and Daily Hygiene

     This morning I just got frustrated. Simply frustrated. Frustrated with the fact that every morning I find myself having to clean myself up. Shower. Blow dry hair. Straighten hair. Hair product. Make up (if you're lucky). Clothes. Change again because I don't feel pretty in the first outfit. Brush teeth. And don't forget the deodorant. I know you may think that I am crazy for being frustrated with that. But when I am doing my hair I just look int he mirror and think- Here we are again. After I got ready this morning.... okay it was afternoon by the time I got ready today... I was thinking about this frustration. And I realized that that is how I have been feeling about my walk with God as well. Which I need to say- is not good. I have grown weary of refreshing in the physical and in the spiritual. This daily routine is a necessity for me to be clean and presentable. I need to bathe and do my hair. And when I only do half way- like don't put volumizer in my hair or forget hairspray my hair grows flat. I know my routine for me and how I look to last the whole day. And I know the same thing about my spiritual life. I know that I need desperately to be in God's word every day to stay afloat. To not get frustrated in the middle of the day because I'm feeling flat in my spirituality. (This blog is so woman language.) I need that time with the Lord of prepping of initmacy with the Lord. And when I spend time in the word my life radiates. Circumstances may not radiate but my joy and peace is well.
     My other thought about this was sometimes we need our hair cut, manicures, pedicures, facials... you know, all the good clean up for real kind of thing. The spring cleaning (that happens biweekly ;) haha) we need and most of the time just want these things. In our spiritual life we need the same thing- we need to be manicured- pruned- trimmed up. A body check of what is impure in my life to be cut off. To expose ourselves entirely to the Lord and surrender it all to Him.
     I know that this may not make sense to all of you. But, it makes sense to me. And I hope it clicks with you as well. Time for a manicure in my walk with God.

Jesus, forgive me for not seeking you every day. Forgive me for my frustrations. Give me a hunger and a thirst for Your word. I love you Lord. You are so good to me. Amen. 

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