“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Thursday, February 10, 2011

for all the momma's out there

     Today, I sat down in my mother's chair at the salon and asked her sweetly to fix my hair. Even though she could have said no and chose to do other things, she said yes. I remember since I was a child that when I would come and interrupt her while she was reading- she would put the book down and stop what she was doing to listen to a (pointless) story. (Unless, she was in the last chapter- then I knew I had to be patient and wait.) Motherhood is a beautiful thing and, I can only image, is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. It takes a lot of sacrifice and putting others before you.
     But then, there is the fun and heart throbbing excitement of pulling the best out of your child. Of saying, "Don't quit, you can do it! You are more than a conquerer" and seeing the hope fill eyes once again. It's the part of motherhood that I am sure never gets old, especially if your child living out the things you see in them. (I know, I say all of this without being a mother, but I've babysit plenty of children, actually am "nannying" this week, and I have some of the best mothers in my life to watch their example. So bear with me.)
     I say all of this to say...... think of Jesus' mother. This morning, I was reading in John 2 where Jesus turns water into wine. But it was His mother that brought it to Jesus' attention that they were out of wine. And then instructed the disciples to listen and obey whatever HER son told them. Sounds like one of those overbearing parents we all know. But how awesome is that, she was able to see what Jesus could do and encourage him in it, and even "pull" it out of him. She believed in her son, had confidence in Him, and wanted to see Him do what He was created to do.
     I am finally to the point in my life of being a daughter, where I realize that, most of the times- momma really does know best. I also know that when she believes in me, I feel much more capable of doing it. When she pushes me to do it, the faith that I have in myself to do it raises.
     So mothers, do your thing. Don't hold back. Encourage and believe in your children. And if you all say to your kiddos are negative things- stop. That is not helping your child. Encourage- tell them what they are good at, tell them what you see in them. They need and want to hear it. Help them accomplish their goals. Push them, and tell everyone else what's up. Be proud of who they are. Even if they aren't who you think they should be- give it time.... they'll come around.

     And if you aren't a mother, be someone's mother that doesn't have one. Step in when they need parental advice. At the age of 20, I do it, so you can to. You are more than a mere conquerer.

     I am sure when the much anticipated day of having my first child with the most handsome husband ever happens- I'll think back to when Jesus' mother called attention to her son. And I am sure- I'll be the most proud mother that there is. Get ready for this proud mother. Until then.... I'll adopt the qualities that I appreciate in my mother for my own life. I'll become a mother- without having a child.

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robin gaddis said...

Brennen you make me proud!!! I love you and yes go for your dreams YOU CAN DO IT!!! God gives you the dreams He will make a way.