“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Heartbeat of Yahweh.

Jesus, what is Your heartbeat? What makes it beat faster? What breaks your heart? What makes your heart sing? These are questions that run through my head. And today has been one of those days. I want to know what makes my Father's heart beat. I want to be about my Father's business. 
     Today, as I was thinking back on this question and my past with it, I remembered an encounter I had with my Savior a couple of months ago. It was during a worship service and I hit the floor. Holy Spirit welled up inside of me and told me to get on my face. So there I was.... face down on the floor... at first I began to laugh- because I was on the floor and then I began to weep. This thought of being about my Father's business consumed me. I knew I had been maintaining for a while. I knew that I wasn't really giving the Lord every ounce of who I am. So ten, twenty, I don't really know how long passed during that worship service. And I finally asked the Lord, "What makes your heart beat?" 
     At that moment- the drums began to beat, I could hear people jumping, dancing, and singing to the Lord. My ear against the floor and the movement of people in worship vibrated the floor. And the Lord replied, "This, my Daughter, is my heartbeat. Worshippers arising, Warriors uniting, and my Holy Spirit moving in each one of You." 
     So now I am to the part of how do I make his heartbeat my own? I want His desires to become mine. Not my desires becoming His. I want His word planted in me deep. I want to be unshakeable. I want the Heartbeat of my Yahweh to run deep into my veins and vessels and every little ounce of area that there is. And I want to be about my Father's business. 
     So worshippers arise. The time has come. Warriors unite and prepare. And Followers- be about your Father's business. Let's make his heartbeat a little faster today. 

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