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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog Business!

My wonderful and faithful blog readers,
     Have I told you how much I love you? And how much I appreciate that you take time out of your day to read my thoughts? Because I do. It means the world to me. Which is why I trust you with some advice I need. 

     One of my dreams is to write. I've had this passion and desire since I was younger but have always watered it down. I remember writing short stories as a child and the teacher always telling me that I had too much in it for a short story. So I quit writing. Well- I'm writing again- and it makes me come alive. I absolutely love it. I love that people understand what I'm saying. I love that I'm able to put into words what is in my heart. So I want to make my dreams come true. 

     I'm beginning to work on a book about purity. But I also have been encouraged and have been thinking about pursuing writing for a newspaper or a magazine of some sort. I am definitely not the best writer around but I refuse to believe the lie that I have nothing to offer. Because, I do. Just like YOU have something to offer.

     I need some help picking out some blogs to edit and send in to a few places. So- let me know what your favorite blog posts are! Also- what would you all like to see me write about? Is there anything that you would like to request me to do/write/ showcase? I am always open to ideas and need your help in being the best writer that I can be. 

     Also- if you know of a magazine or somewhere that my writing would fit in that I could send in a blog let me know of that to! 

There you go lovely people of God! Time to help a girl out achieve her dreams! :) And that girl- just happens to be me! :) I love you all!

You can post your suggestions as a comment or e-mail me at brennen_gaddis@yahoo.com, or facebook me a message!  Here's the link to my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brennengaddis

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