“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elevation Update Weeks 1-3ish

     I've started this blog a couple of time, and have erased several times. I simply don't know how to even begin to describe my first, now close to third week as an Elevation Intern. It has been life-changing, intense, sweet, fun, hard, and so much more. I've met a multitude of elevators, staff, and interns. Our intern group is massive in and of itself. We have (about) 27 interns that I get to spend the summer with. Amazing. There is never a dull moment. I live with 2 of the girls at the greatest host home ever. Glenda and Bill (mom and dad for the summer) are truly an amazing couple of God. They have graciously opened up their home to us. My supervisor, Gene Lakey, is super nice, encouraging and a great leader at Elevation. I'm honored to serve under him.
     This week we have: completed a 6 mile history walk, served at One7, dance party for healing, was able to sit in on teaching from Pastor Steven, listened to stories of fellow interns, served at a local high school, hot sauce, and survived Body By Buck.
     The second week began to work on a few projects, moved more pipe and drape, learned processes, helped put on a student event, received teaching from several staff (amazing opportunity), took tons of notes and so much more.
     This week, two days in, still going strong on our no sugar, 5 vegetables, 80 oz of water, 7 hours of sleep, and 30-45 mins of exercise. I'm dropping weight.... this is a good thing. I'm finally getting healthy. :) I have been continuing to work with students, stretching myself to think creatively, sat in on teaching from 6 wise men of God, laughed, built relationships, enjoyed eGroup, seriously the list goes on and on.

     I love waking up in the morning. I love going to work. I love stretching myself. I love that I am being challenged- that people are pulling out the best in me. It's such an intense and amazing summer already. I love this. I love that God is faithful. He is close. He loves me. He cares for me.

     He loves you. He cares for you. Stretch yourself where you are. Grow. Deepen your relationship with your Heavenly Father and with those around you. Be love. Be Jesus to those around.

Love. B.

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Anonymous said...

i'm so happy right now!! you said you LOVE getting up in the morning and that you LOVE going to work!!! you are changing in the fact of not only loosing weight physically but maybe some other weight that you didn't even know was dragging you down. :) i'm so excited to see you write such things and i pray for you to continue on. God does love you and so do I.
[so is that "no sugar" mean NO SUGAR? LOL] so proud of you!
Auntie Angie <3