“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the Basics.

I would say it is time for an update... I have had limited time since my laptop was stolen to come down to the computer room and post a blog! But this past week being laptop less I have spent more time with the Lord. I am still learning, and learning, and learning. This crazy relationship we have with Jesus is so much more than we think it is. It is a lifestyle- commited to His Will and the Truth we find in the Bible.
Today in class we were asked where we are with our relationship with Jesus. This is a difficult question to answer.. you have to be extremely honest with yourself and vulnerable to those around you. What I found was interesting, we are all in similar positions. Every one in our group has been taken out of their churches, their religions, their homes and placed in a place where we are deciding what WE believe in. Not me and my famliy, not me and my church, not me and my friends, but what do I think about my life with Jesus. What do I believe in? The thing that I am finding is I can not go on anything but the Word of the Lord.
I have experienced and learned about many new things this past week. Last week our teaching was about the fall of man. I was brought into this whole new subject of "the spirtual realm". I am still processing all of this information, and seeking out what the Bible has to say.. but the basis of it all is that if it's in the Bible- it's true. So my challenge to myself and to all of you all is to stop looking at your relgion and hiding under all your "good" deeds and ideas- and come back to the basics, to the basis of your whole faith. Do an evaluation on your relationship with the Lord.. ask yourself the hard questions. Be vulnerable to others. Be open to the voice of God. I so often treat my relationship with the Lord as a one way relationship- I do all the talking he does all the listening... that is so not how it is supposed to be. We were created to be in constant converstaion and obedience with the Lord. My goal this week is to really come to the basics of why I believe in the Son of God.. and why I believe that he created me and what my purpose is. This will take me more than 1 week... but as long as it takes I'm open. This one way relationship now has another lane...
Sigh... I feel better after getting that out.. I hope that it challenges you as much as it challenges me. We leave for Costa Rica on Saturday night and will return either the next Saturday or Sunday. We will be doing a Niko Adventure Camp... which we are not allowed to know what we will be doing, nor will I be allowed to share with you all. But I do know that I will not have my own toothpaste, shampoo, or a razor for 5 days. We received a packing list with everything we could bring.. nothing more. I have a feeling it will be an intense but very rewarding time with the Lord and with my team.
You can begin to pray for that... also- this week Carlos from Cali is our teacher and he is teaching on "destiny/calling/whatever God leads him to" so pray for him and for our team. Today was an awesome day. If I get the time I will update again before Niko!
You all are awesome! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got to post.. hagd!

Rosemary said...

I start college Orientation on Saturday when you leave for Costa Rica! You will be in my prayers! I miss you, Brennen! Church wasn't the same without you!

Elaine said...

So awesome, Brennen. I am so excited to be watching your relationship with the Lord change as you immerse yourself in Him. Cherish every second of this time!!! Five days without a razor, huh? I do hope you'll post some photos of that glorious sight.