“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am so thankful for the gift of laughter. Let me share some funny times with you! 

My friend Katie and I are on "projects" for our work duty, which is also known as- hard labor. The first day we just had to wash the 2 vans and a truck, however both of us laughed the entire time. Then, today we had to rake all of the leaves out of the draining system.. but it wasn't just leaves- rotting mangos were also in there.. and they were all wet so it was heavier than normal... haha.. it's probably one of those "had to be theres" but it was quite a sight watching us. 

Another one, in the girls dorm we all have mosquito nets around our mattresses (we sleep on the bottom of a bunk bed) so once we get in bed we never want to get out.. so every night whoever is the last to get in bed also gets to get everyone else their: flashlights, chocolate, pen, bible, socks, tylenol, or anything else you could think of that you could forget before you get in bed! So night time is always hilarious. 

This one is a cute story- I have a little friend, her name is Eve (Eh-vey), she is around 2 I am pretty sure maybe closer to 3... but I taught her the song and motions to "Noah built a big big boat, doo dah, doo dah.. Noah built a big big boat, Ohh a doo da dayy, it's gonna rain all night, it's gonna rain all day, Noah built a big big boat so we could float away" so everytime I see her running around on base she always throws her hand up ready to do the hammer motion.. then once we sing it once, it usually is followed by "otra vez! otra vez!" which means "again, again!".

I love being cold- we have AC during class time, so I always sit front seat center because that is exactly where the cold air hits! I love it.. 

They say I have an accent.... what's that? I think THEY have the accent!

Many times we laugh at simple things- such as slipping and almost "biting it" because the steps and everything is usually slippery. 

Even though I may be thousands of miles away from every babysitee, guess who has babysat since they have been in Panama! ME! Except I do it for free here :) (I ask for snickers or a Coca Cola!) Haha.. that's for all of my little kids out there I babysit.. I miss you ninos and ninas! 

My past 2 shower times have been absolutely hysterical... which all of them are... because even though I have taken 25+ cold showers, the coldness still surprises me! So I always start out with some nice "woos" and most everyone passing the bathroom house knows I am showering... anyways... today my shower started normal.. until I looked to get my scrubber- and I had company- a frog! So I screamed, loudly, jumped out while some friends came in and saved the day and got the frog out of my shower. It was hilarious. 

I am so greatful for these funny and sweet times.. I will be posting what I am learning this week soon.. I think that it is such a useful and is affecting my life so much that it will do the same for you all. I love each of you! 

I also made it to where anyone can comment on my blogs now.. so comment away! I love hearing feedback and what is going on in your life! 

Love always- B


Chelsea Gaddis said...

Oh Brennen, you my sister crack me up.... I love you!

momma robin said...

you crack me up daughter, a frog???really???did that not scare you to death?? would have me. where is gecko??

auntie ang said...

Too funny....i would've screamed, yelled, and hopped out too!!!! i went to class and learned some work stuff yesterday in lexington. it was fun. the ladies and i had a good time getting away...now today we are very busy:) love reading what all is going on..think about you often...so very proud of you.

***send thank you note to gayle allison for money**** i don't have her address and i cannot remember how much she sent, i haven't put into account yet, mom gave to me at picnic!!!! hahahhaha

love so much:) auntie ang

Anonymous said...

Brennan- I am Kim Craft your Aunt Angie and I have been best friend since we were little. I am truely enjoying reading of your walk with the Lord. I wish I had your faith. I hope that you will put me in your prayers, for I will praying for you. Thank you for the encouragement. Kim

misty said...

oh bren, wait until your months are all up. i bet you won't be jumping about frogs in your shower anymore and you'll probably be leaving your mos.net open to sleep. :) you're taking me back to the days i first lived abroad. but, having said that, 6 years later and i STILL scream about cold showers. love you.

Rosemary said...

Brennen! The Seniors upgraded to the college life group, and it is not the same without you! I'm glad you are having fun though! You're amazing! How can I continue to pray for you?

Rosemary said...

p.s. How much cash should we send with letters? :)

Brennen Gaddis said...

Pray for protection and that I will continue to find my strength in the Lord. Pray for our intercession times that the Lord will continue to speak to us! And for a letter probably just a dollar! :) Haha...

kim said...

I wish I knew you could be paid with cokes and chocolate-could have saved me some money! Love you! Glad I get to keep up with you this way.