“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can I get honest?

Can I be honest? This may step on some toes. Maybe not- depends on who reads my blog (I have no idea if anyone reads it!) But if you are reading- it's about to get truthful..... When is the church going to wake up? When are we going to stop being lukewarm? What would happen if I disrupted your Sunday morning schedule and sat in your pew? Or what would happen if we changed up the church schedule and prayed in the middle of the sermon or in the middle of the song? What would you do if I started dancing in the aisle? How would you react if I began to weep in the middle of a sermon? Basically... what would you do if we all took off our "I'm perfectly fine, I don't want to move forward, I'm comfortable, Where are we going to eat later" masks? I would like to say I apologize for saying this... but I don't. I'm ready for awakening. For hearts to have JOY! To praise the one who saved them. I'm pretty positive it's a command to not be lukewarm... and I'm afraid we're breaking it. Let's get radical. Let's get uncomfortable.. Elders- can the younger generation get more than accusing looks from you? Can you take a minute and love us through our pain, mentor us through our struggles? We need that role model. We need that encouragement. I'm sorry if you think I should be in college and you disagree with me not being in school... but instead of getting all worried about my future could you stop and pray for my future? Could you support me in my prayer life? Intercede for me? Oh church, can we wake up? Return to me! is what our Father says. Can we return? Now is the time. Let's do it. Don't hold back. Dance in those aisles. Raise those hands and praise Him. What has He saved you from? Sing like you mean it! Stop and pray for people. Lift them up. Encourage one another. And can I add that I am preaching to the choir. Oh Lord, bring us back to You.


Misty Lopez said...

go brennen go! xo

Adam Kees said...

This gets me all excited! Amen to that.