“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He Cares For You

Every now and again I get a little impatient with God's timing. I get ahead of myself and think that I'm ready for "the next thing" when in fact, I am not. I begin to search and reach at things that are not from the hand of God just to cease the hunger that has been placed inside of me for more. Of course, I quickly find that even the things I try to fill that void with only makes me that much hungrier. It's like being sooo thirsty and getting a Coca-Cola to take the quench. Trust me, the Coca Cola tastes amazing- but it doesn't quench my thirst like a glass of water would. It really, just makes me thirstier.
     We all come to a crossroads in our lives where we begin to say things like, "I think I'm ready to go to college.", "I think I'm ready to get married.", "Honey, I think I'm ready for children.". The list goes on and on. But something inside of us begins to tick and we begin to yearn after these things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Where we go wrong, is when we put our desire for these things above God's timing. I am a huge advocate of going after the things God calls you to and totally against laziness in the things of God. There are some things though that the Lord has to allow into our lives for us to be able to step into them. And, it takes time. His time. (Perfect time.)
     Graduation from my Graphic Design Diploma is only a mere 5 weeks away. The excitement that is inside of me is ridiculous. I am not much of a fan of school so I'm ready for the nights of homework and papers to cease. But I'm also ready for "the next thing". I've already been blessed enough to be able to move out of the house this week and push forward. The hang up that I've encountered is I feel like a squirrel racing around the park looking for the PERFECT acorn. I'm scurrying around trying to figure out what God has for me next instead of allowing Him to lead me. Where He is there is freedom and liberty. When I step in and put my impatience before His perfection there is chaos and confusion. I end up saying things like, "There's nothing for me after school." "Internships don't want me." And I totally ignore the Lord instructing me and teaching me because I'm allowing and permitting my worries to overshadow His plan and peace.
     The past few days I keep hearing the Lord whisper to me that He has it under control and it's going to be okay. He has my back and He's watching out for me. He has my heart in mind. How do you figure it out? You press into Him. The further I press into Him the better I can hear and understand His direction and peace. The more rooted I am in the Word- the more His truth will rise up within me and cancel out the lies the world/ satan throws at me. The deeper I am in intimacy and worship with the Lord- the more I'll recognize His whispers.

     This blog is probably more for me to write it out than anything. It's all about coming back to a place of trust with the Lord. He really does care for you.

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Anonymous said...

It is ALL in HIS time and it all turns out beautiful! Just as you are doing now, stay tuned to HIS voice and He will guide you.
April Hawkins