“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love when God whispers to the very depths of my hearts. It's not audible... but I like that it isn't audible. It's spoken straight to my heart so my ears don't even have to hear it. It's just a knowing voice. When God whispers into my heart I know it's Him. And tonight He whispered one of the sweetest, life altering things to me.
     Tonight at Metro our worship came to a point where we could feel the love of God. Adam told us to ask God two questions: 1. What were You thinking when You made me? and How much do You love me? God answered me very quickly with, "You are worthy." The reality of what God spoke to me didn't hit me until I was getting ready for bed. When God spoke it to me, I questioned it and thought that I was praying it to God.... but no. God was/is telling me that I am worth it. That YOU are worth it. He loves me and He loves you more than we can comprehend.
     In Matthew 10:31 He tells us that we are worth more than many sparrows. Our God is so in love with us. He absolutely, positively, head over heals in love with us. Know what YOU are worth to God. Know how much He loves you, how proud He is of you, how beautiful He thinks you are. [Shabbbba!]
     God sings a new song over me and over you. His mercies are new every morning.... so if you messed up last night- it's all good, you're covered for tomorrow! :) (And covered for tonight...) God's grace and love is so BIG. He's not mad at you. He LOVES you. HE LOVES ME!
     The thing is- before I asked God this- I got scared.... a fear of rejection came over me.... which is crazy. Because I was asking the Lord of creation and I've known and have been taught about God's love for my entire life- so I should KNOW that the Lord is not going to reject me.... but the fear still came over me. The thing is, fear is not from God. Satan does not want you to know how much you are worth. Because when you know how much you are worth you shake things up. You change culture, you change the world. 
     So push through the fear- and ask God... What were you thinking when you made me? and How much do you love me? And then- go watch this video on Kim Walker's encounter with this. 

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