“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glorified Body

     Do you know how much God loves you.... and how much God loves your body? I have been totally "wrecked" today by a message I re-listened to earlier today. I heard it at OneThing this year with iHop and only caught the tail end of the message so I bought it on CD. Allen Hood talks about the Glorified State of Your Body and how much God truly loves your body.
     And in today's society it is a truth that needs to be posted on every billboard, every sign, every commercial, and everywhere! GOD LOVES YOUR BODY. It is so easy to pick and poke at your body. And wish you had this person's belly or that girl's face or her hair... etc. etc. But God designed YOU and HE (The lovely, amazing, mighty Savior) LOVES your body. And He knows every inch of it, and He still loves it. And it pains Him to watch his precious children spend hours in front of a mirror hating their bodies. When all He sees is "beautiful" "glorious" "amazing" "perfect in my eyes" "lovely". We are His beloved. The apple of His eye.
     And if you say, "He doesn't understand... He doesn't live in my body". False! He knows what it's like to be human. And to have growth spurts, and as Allen says, "to have a head that hasn't caught up with it's ears". He understands every season that we are in. He took on flesh. Whoah. Soak that in.

He took on flesh. The creator of the universe.... took on flesh. Humbled himself- and took on flesh. 

     I really hope you took a minute and soaked that in, and if you didn't say it out loud. Let that statement process. Of what God did and does for us. And why? Because HE LOVES US.

     He loves every part of us. He cherishes us. Rebuke the lies of the enemies and replace it with truth. Just a few hours after having this truth drilled in my head I asked God, "Am I not pretty enough?" How silly and lame is that? That I actually, out loud, asked God that. I know that I am pretty enough.  I know that He thinks I am head over heels, drop dead gorgeous. He looks and admires my beauty. And even typing that statement disturbs my mind. Because who am I to be admired? I AM HIS. The King is enthralled by my beauty. So I am to be admired. I am his daughter. His prize. I am loved and cherished by an AMAZING God. And I can not forget that.

     The same goes for you. You are loved. Cherished. Delighted in. Admired. Loved. Loved. Loved. Loved. Check out that message on iHops website. Super good.

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