“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Man of His Word.

     Who am I to question God and His plans for my life? I do it wayyyyy to often. "Are you sure you want me to give this up?" "You want me to pray for them.... IN PUBLIC?! are You crazy?" "This way? You sure?" "You want me to decide!? You do know who I am right?" These are just a few examples of the dialogue in my head between God and me. He usually responds in "Yes, do what I just asked of you."
     So why do I have such a hard time obeying and doing and trusting God with it? This morning the Lord lead me to read John 4... towards the end of the chapter a man begs Jesus to come home with him to heal His son.... Jesus responds, "Go, Your son is healed." And at that moment the son was healed. The father didn't see that his son had been healed until he obeyed Jesus and returned home to check on him. There wasn't facetime or sms text messaging for him to double check with before he walked home. He had to take a step of faith and walk home and trust that the Lord had healed him even from being miles away.
     The thing is, at the spoken word of Jesus- it happens. He is a man of His word. Pun intended. He does what He says He will do, He will fulfill every promise made in the Bible- word of God, and every promise that He has made to You. He is a man of His word. I can trust Him.  YOU CAN TRUST HIM. 
     In today's time- it's hard to find people that you can trust. But you can trust Jesus. You can trust the Lord of Your life. He has everything at kingdom view. With our carnal eyes we only see the now.... sometimes we have to step out in faith. And sometimes the Lord will give us a glimpse of His viewpoint. But He wants us to trust Him. He wants us to obey so He can do what He promised us no matter what our view is. 
     His ways are higher than my ways. And His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. So who am I to think that my thought/idea is better than his? Step out and obey what the Lord has asked of you. It more than likely is an answered prayer from either you or someone else. :) 

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