“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Estoy aqui.

I made it to Panama, nothing too exciting happened on my last flight except I met a guy who is doing the DTS at the airport, his name is Eric. So we helped each other out through tourist cards, customs, and him helping me with my bags. Which I of course overpacked... my roommates are amazed at the amount of t-shirts I have! One of my bags was 80 pounds and the other was 49.5 which made the cut while the other one did not! I am in a room with 7 other girls and it is alot like Camp Shaefer except no air conditioning. We get a fan that blows on us and makes the world of difference. This morning when I woke up I did not have the same attitude as I did yesterday about my nerves, I was ready to turn around get on that plane and come home. And parts of me still are. I need lots of prayer that I will begin to feel at home and that these nerves will STOP. I threw up this morning and still have yet to eat anything.. so it really is not healthy at all. So please pray.. I also met a girl named Katie who is 25 and from LA! We both had the same thoughts this morning consisting of- "I can't do this" "I am crazy for coming here for 5 months" "maybe I can just stay for 2 weeks" "I wannnnnna go homeeee" but we made a pack that together we will get through this.. and that through these trials we will be so glad we persevered! The base is absolutely beautiful.. maybe soon I will have some pictures.. today we have a free day so we are getting things organized and just learning about each other. Keep praying for me, I need those more than you could ever imagine. Love you all. -B


Dru and Kailey said...

I went thru the same thing!! You just persevere and God will give you strength! He is going to bless you with friends for life!!! Gosh, I'm so happy and excite for you right now!!
I'll be praying, B!!
Love you!!!

Matt said...

Please keep blogging. It will be a great release for your emotions and a great way to catalog the events, big and small, that make up this experience. I'll be praying for you Brennen.

Rosemary said...

Brennen, I'm so glad you arrived safely! I assume Terrè told you the news, if not, call me. I will continue to be in prayer for you as you make this huge adjustment! God is faithful! I hope the note cards help, I'll be sure to send more eventually. God Bless! --Rosemary