“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eyeliner and God.

Eyeliner and God. Never thought I could put those two things in the same sentence, but I have found a way. Yesterday, I had the privilege of getting permanent eyeliner. Basically- I got eyeliner tattooed onto my eyes. Crazy cool huh? Let me explain [justify] why I did this. I have a lazy eye. Yep... even had to wear a patch on my eye for it. Anyways, this lazy eye makes it incredibly hard for me to put on my eyeliner the same on both eyes. This is so girly of me, but it upsets me when I'm trying to look pretty. (Because I go many days without any make up at all.) So- I managed to somehow work a deal out. So, it was not a waste of money or anything like that. So.. anyways- I get my eyeliner done. And, might I add- it looks fabulous. Carmen is the bomb.
Which brings me to point one- Carmen. She is so sweet, I absolutely love her. She is definitely a woman that has and will continue to impact me. I am so blessed to have met her. She is from El Salvador- so she speaks Spanish! We have all these plans to meet regularly so I can teach her about technology and she can help me with speaking in Spanish. Super blessed. God  has opened doors already just from meeting her. Yay God.

Second point. Eyeliner and God. So I was looking at my eyes and the difference with the eyeliner. Well- my eyes show up so much more! Like they stick out- you can see them even under my glasses. That makes me happy. And tonight I was thinking.... what will make Brennen, as a follower of Jesus Christ, stick out. What is the eyeliner for my life? I think there are many "eyeliners"... love, joy, passion, compassion, kindness, fruits of the spirit, etc..... share with me what you think these "Christian eyeliners" are for you?


(I know that I am so crazy- I come up with the craziest analogys. I once came up with one for jeans. Talent, huh? ;) Haha.)

And here is a [scary] picture with this cool permanent eyeliner:

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Candice said...

That is crazy!!! And for the record, I have never noticed your so-called lazy eye :) Love the analogy. I do the same thing! My eyeliner is trying to maintain the joy and excitement that comes from the Holy Spirit. And I want to be more purposeful in loving people-- giving them my time, effort, attention. Good blog!