“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Monday, October 4, 2010

Deep clean.

     I have a bad habit. Clothes. I have a horrible habit with my clothes. I am the most indecisive person getting ready in the mornings. I normally have one article of clothing picked out. Sometimes it's a scarf, a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, or sometimes something as ridiculous as a pair of socks. I just get it in my mind that I want to wear it, and I don't stop until I get an outfit together.  Where's the problem? When I try on, and try on, and try on clothes..... and don't always put them back. I admit it. I can get messy, especially when I am in a hurry. The thing is- I get this idea in my head of the "look" I'm going for that day and I'm just not content without it. Usually, I am pushing for time as well. Anyways, this always leads to clothes on my floor. Not dirty... clean.
     The other bad habit I have.... is not putting my shoes up on the convenient shoe holder on my door. So I usually have a collection of shoes in one area of my room. I am not a dirty person. Let's get that clear, before you think I'm gross. I, sometimes, am just a little messy. BUT... the good thing is- I can only go so long with the mess. Then it is crazy Brennen cleaning up. Normally, late at night because I keep stepping on a hanger or something crazy like that.
     Well, the other day, I decided that I had had enough. It was time to be neat again! So I picked up all of my stuff. I also become like a 5 year old when I do something that my mom will be proud of, so I ran downstairs and made mom come look at my neat room. [Most of] my clothes in my closet, clean. My dirty clothes hamper empty... and a picked up room. I said, "Look Mom, I cleaned!"
     She, of course, smiles and tells me she is proud... but then corrects me and says, "You picked up, you didn't clean." And, she is right. If you looked close- you could see the dust on the furniture and could tell that my floor needed some swiffer attention.
     I get like this with the Lord sometimes. I let things go crazy for a while, then I can't stand it, and I "get right" with God. I get all my stuff together, get all my dirty sin taken care of, and I get excited and say , "Look Lord! Look at what I did! Aren't you proud of me!?"
     And, He is. But- I didn't really "clean up" my life. I just picked it up, put stuff back where it belongs. I didn't get to the root of the problem. I just snipped it. Made it look good, presentable. When it still needed work.
     I am so thankful that God is in the deep cleaning business. I can always count on Him helping me clean some stuff out. Getting myself clean of the things that drag me down. Just like I can always count on my mom helping me get my room cleaned, really cleaned. 
     Where have you just picked up lately? Is it time for a deep cleaning? Jesus! Show us where we need You to deep clean our lives. Give us the courage and determination to do it and to do it right.


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