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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mean Witness-ers.

     About 10 minutes ago I had an experience I knew I would have to blog about; I love it when that happens. I normally work at a local coffee shop but to help out I work once a week at the gift shop next door that my boss owns as well. I am still learning what all is in the store, how it works, what credit cards we take, etc, etc. Today, I am working at the gift shop. I have this older lady that comes in and asks me if I have goblettes, which I have no idea what that is, or if that is what she said. She explains that they are glasses with a stem. I show her where they are displayed and tell her the price of each set. She chooses blue ones and when I tell her they are 23.75 she says, "I thought they were $20" I then have to explain that the other set of glasses were 19.95 this one was 21.50 or something.... and then explain that taxes are added. She changes her mind, asks me a few more random questions that I simply said "I have no idea, but I'd be more than happy to find out for you." She is annoyed. I can tell. I'm frustrated with the lady.
     It comes time for her to pay... finally. She asks if we take Discover, I say- I'll swipe it and find out. She asks very rudely, "You haven't worked here long have you?" I stay calm, hold my tounge and make a joke. She pays. Then, hands me 2 magazines on prayer and knowing who God is. 
     I simply stood in silence holding back laughter. I know that's horrible that I wanted to laugh, but I mean really? I didn't explain that I had a personal relationship with Jesus or that He was the love of my life. I just stood and politely said thank you. I looked up the website of the magazine, it's a Jehovah's Witness magazine. Which, is totally fine. I'm not trying to make jokes on religions. I don't even know what they believe. I know what I believe. And I know that if I was being mean to someone I certainly wouldn't be witnessing after I acted like that. 
     Do our actions and words match our passion? I'm pretty sure thats a VBS song from a few years back... Yep, and I found the video.... but in all reality- it is totally right.

      My life has to match up with the love of God. The world will never follow something that they don't see lived out. Or they will do the same thing you are doing, claiming a faith but not living it out. I hope I never am not able to share the love of Jesus because of my actions beforehand. I hope that I'm never rude to the waitress and then want to leave a card inviting them to church. The church, in a whole, has to get serious about our lives matching our passion [or what we claim to be our passion]. Or else, we will never reach the lost.

     On a side note, I pray blessings and truth on the cute lady that wanted to share her faith with me. I hope next time she's more careful with her words.  :)


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