“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God and me.

     Last night I went to sleep so excited. Why? Because I had absolutely nothing to do today. It's just a good feeling. To know that you can do whatever you want. I was daydreaming/imagining a perfect morning. Cup of coffee, bible, journal, perfect sitting situation, and complete focus. That's how your quiet time is supposed to be right? So I went to sleep and dreamt of Abercrombie jeans? What? I know, I don't think my right leg would fit in those. ;) And woke up around 7. Mad. Why was I awake at 7? "Go back to sleep Brennen!" So I went back to sleep to wake up at 8:30. Not as bad as 7, but still way early. I think I have lost my ability to sleep in.
     So I got up- grabbed my bible study "stuff" and off I went to find the perfect spot. So this is what I got:
     Perfect. Look at it. I'm in the shade. I have my table to set everything on. My California coffee cup that Katie Sottile gave me, my post it note highlighter. Journal. Bible. 2 study books. I'm on a roll right?
I begin my study- things are going great- then I get a text. Of course, I shouldn't have brought my phone out- but what if someone REALLY needed me? Then about 10 minutes later, I have to pee. I then drop my highlighter. I'm getting uncomfortable in the seat I chose. And I'm loosing focus.
     A fly goes into my coffee. I still can't get comfortable. Then, of all things, my perfect morning that had the perfect temperature outside- it began to get hot. I hate sweating. Girly huh? So up I went. Got all my stuff and moved here:

     I have now added a cup of ice water, and by the time I decided to take this picture- I had eaten a bowl of honey nut cheerios. Where's my journal? Oh yeah, I had been to the couch as well. So it's still on the couch. And my other study book. 

     So what's my point in telling you my quiet time frustrations? Just to assure myself that there is no perfect way to have a quiet time. There is no perfect spot. No perfect journal. Not even my highlighter that has post it notes built in. All my quiet time requires is me and God. That simple. I get so worked up over being comfortable- having a good study time. Something normal. But what if God designed us different? God designed me to be eating cheerios, drinking water, and still spending time with God. And that was just this morning. Some mornings it's nothing more than laying in my bed and talking (yes, out loud) to him. Sometimes- I use my computer so I don't get hand cramps. Whatever it is how you worship and spend your time with the Lord is perfectly fine. All He cares is that we are spending time with Him. It doesn't take a journal, Bible, 2 studies, and a cup of coffee. All of those things are great. And great tools. But it is simply you and God. Soaking him up. Listening to what He has to say to you.

Jesus! You alone are all that we need. Forgive us for trying to set up a perfect way of being in Your presence. Continue to teach us that You are always with us. It is simply being with You that we need. Thank you Jesus for how simple it really is. We love you with our entire beings. Amen. 

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Melissa Fae said...

Love this post!! Sounds like me! Haha!