“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Step into your Jordan.

As I continue to study Joshua the Lord continues to teach me new things. I am by no means a bible scholar- but I do want to learn as much as I can about Joshua and his journey with the Lord. From the last blog post we know that the Lord promised Joshua some pretty big things for his life. And Joshua took them and obeyed them. He had 100% obedience. (Something I need to learn; not just 80% or 50%, but 100%.) The Lord gave Joshua a pep talk- which I love. (How cool is that?) preparing Joshua to cross the Jordan River. 
As you continue to read in Joshua 2 you find out that Joshua sent two spies to check out what they were going to be coming up against. The spies stayed with a prostitute Rahab so they wouldn’t appear suspicious. I am still chewing on the significance of them staying with a prostitute. According to my commentary in my bible it says that, “It was not unusual for strangers and foreigners to go to Rahab’s house... God did not bless Rahab for lying, but for her faith in the report that the spies gave.” So, if you have any insight on this then fill me in. I do believe, that no matter what you have done in your past that God can use you to advance the kingdom. The past is the past and when you became a Christian you have a new identity. You are no longer a sinner. You have been saved from your sin. And you are a new creation. Joshua was Hoshea before being commissioned by God. So, feel free to make up a name of your old self, pre-Salvation, if you’d like. I think it’s a fabulous idea.
So after the spies confirm that the Lord is giving the whole land (2:24) then the crossing into the Jordan begins. This is where it gets exciting. So if you’ve been bored- get ready. This is my favorite part. 
Joshua takes authority and they leave Shilting to go to the Jordan River, they camped for three days and then the orders were given to follow a new path. They are to follow the ark of the covenant. Now, I read this and had always passed up what the ark of the covenant was, so I got out my Bible dictionary and this is what I discovered. The A.O.C. is a sacred chest where the mercy seat (the resting place of God) and the cherubim (winged angelic beings) were seated. To me this means that when we are called to a new path, our own Jordan River, we are to pursue the resting place of God. Cool huh? 
The Lord continues to speak promises over Joshua in 3:7 that he would exalt him like He did with Moses, so they know that the Lord was with him. Then the cool part comes. Drum roll please....... They reach the Jordan. So in my head I can picture this huge army of men reaching a flooded Jordan River, the priests in the front. The waters are rough and they have to get across. I’m sure doubt was creeping in on at least one person in the group if not all of them. But someone had to have the faith to step into the Jordan. And when the “foot of faith” stepped into the river, the river parted. (I’m ready to dance and sing Hallelujah now.) Can you imagine the joy that must have came over them. Relief that they didn’t have to do anything but walk across, no building a boat or blowing up a water raft- simply walking into what the Lord had promised them. The priests were required to put their faith into practice. They had to take that step of faith into the Jordan. And according to my commentary- the Jordan no longer floods like it once did. The entire nation crosses the Jordan (on dry ground). 
With a single step of faith, God can turn your wet and mucky ground to dry and solid. It requires faith and it requires obedience. In 4:10 it says that they did everything that the Lord commanded. Another thing that was revealed to me, was how scared their enemies must have been when the Jordan River parted. When you do take that step of faith and your ground turns to solid- you not only receive breakthrough but your enemies are also defeated. They lost courage when they saw what kind of God they served and what He could do. Your step of faith brings about more than just the obvious. It defeats your enemies. 
From Chapters 2 and 4 we learn so much that we can apply to our lives. We must take a step of faith to get major breakthrough. We must step into our calling. We must take a first step. You know, everyone had a first day at their job, school, university or whatever they do. They had to learn the ropes. Everyone was once a beginner. So what are you scared of? What is holding you back? Fear. Pride. Jealousy. Bitterness. Selfishness. Fear? I don’t know what it is for you, but we must break those thoughts that we can’t do it, we’ll be rejected or that someone else will do it.The time is now- step into what God is calling you to. Step into your Jordan, and that Jordan will part. With God- all things are possible.
There’s a song that we sang in Panama that says- if you tell that mountain to move with just a mustard seed size of faith- that mountain will move. MUEVETE! So tell that mountain to move. Tell that Jordan to part. And tell those walls of Jericho to fall. And watch what God can do. 


Prophetic Activation said...

ummmmm... do I see a future leader here... maybe ministry, teaching???? great write up girl, love you so, keep seeking and writing! - Stephanie - www.shoutoutcafe.com

Adam Kees said...

Loved the part about how stepping out not only parts the Jordan, but defeats the enemy as well. Yes indeed! Dig that.